Dental Fillings in Richland, WA

A filling is a restorative material that is used to repair a tooth damaged by decay. A tooth can be impaired due to decay and cavities caused by the bacteria present in the mouth. They feed on the sugar content in the food and release acid as a by-product. The acid then eats into the tooth's enamel. And when the harmful bacteria are removed, it leaves a gap in the tooth that needs to be packed to restore its structure and prevent further entry of bacteria. At Midtown Dental Clinic, we use dental fillings to fill the gaps and keep your teeth strong and healthy.

What Is the Importance of Dental fillings?

Fillings play a significant role in the health of our mouths. We do not get many chances at our natural teeth. If there is decay in the mouth and it is left untreated, it will sooner or later affect the tooth's structure. The patient would then need a root canal procedure to salvage the tooth. Thankfully, a filling helps fix the problem at the first indication of decay, ensuring that one can keep their natural tooth and as much enamel as possible for optimum oral health.

What Are the Different Types of Fillings?

Porcelain Fillings

These filings are fabricated in a dental lab. As soon as they are ready, they are cemented to the patient's teeth. With the latest improvements in dental technology, it has become possible to make the fillings match the shade of the patient's tooth precisely. 

Composite Resin Fillings

These filings are packed directly into the cleaned-out cavity and allowed to harden. Composite resin fillings can be in the same color as the patient's existing tooth. 

Amalgam or Silver Fillings

These filings are comparatively inexpensive relative to other fillings materials. The silver fillings are hard-wearing, but they are dark in color and can be used only for the back teeth.

What Is the Procedure for Dental Fillings?

Most patients fear the dental filling process thinking it might be painful. The treatment is started by numbing the area with an anesthetic. Once your mouth is numb, the decayed part of the tooth is cleaned out. After removing the decay, we will gently clean the tooth to remove all bacteria before filling it. Finally, the tooth is packed with dental composite material. The fillings safeguard the tooth, preventing any further decay of the leftover enamel. The dental filling helps rebuild the tooth, so that you can go back to your routine, including eating your favorite foods. No one will even know that you have a filling because the composite matches your tooth enamel effortlessly.

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