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Benefits of Veneers at Midtown Dental

Our experienced cosmetic dentists will ensure that your results look completely natural.

We work with the best dental labs and use modern equipment for exceptional results.

Veneers are minimally-invasive and allow you to restore your entire smile in just two appointments.

Veneers are long-lasting and do not require any special care beyond brushing and flossing.

Veneers In Kennewick & Richland

This versatile treatment can cover a wide range of imperfections and drastically improve the appearance of your smile. Veneers are small, thin dental prostheses that are custom made to cover up the front chewing surfaces of your teeth. Once veneers are applied, they look and feel just like natural teeth, and can last 10-15+ years with proper care.

closeup of patient getting fitted for veneers

What Are Veneers?

Veneers are dental prosthesis designed to fit perfectly over the front of your natural teeth in order to cover up imperfections. They can cover gaps, chips, or stains and can even be used as a solution to hide crooked, misaligned or misshapen teeth. Veneers are typically made from porcelain which makes them strong and stain-proof. They can also be used in conjunction with other cosmetic and restorative treatments to enhance your smile.

The Veneers Placement Process

At your first appointment, your mouth will be cleaned and numbed, and a thin layer (0.5mm) of enamel will be removed from each tooth that will receive a veneer to ensure a perfect fit. Then, impressions and images will be taken of your mouth and sent to the dental lab where your veneers will be created. At the end of this appointment, we will attach a temporary set of veneers to wear while your permanent set is created. When your permanent veneers arrive, you’ll come in for second appointment, where your veneers are checked for fit and comfort and then bonded into place permanently. After that, the procedure is complete and your can leave with a beautiful new smile.

Advantages of Veneers

  • They are versatile and can treat a large variety of cosmetic issues.
  • Veneers are made of highly durable porcelain, which can last 10-15+ years.
  • Porcelain is stain-resistant, which helps keep your smile bright long after treatment.

A Trusted Cosmetic Solution

Veneers are commonly used to treat a wide variety of cosmetic issues, including misshapen or chipped teeth, serious stains that can’t be treated with whitening, small gaps, and even slightly-crooked teeth. Come in for a consultation today to see if they’re right for you!

What to Expect Post-Treatment

Veneers require very little healing since only a very thin layer of enamel is removed from each treated tooth. You may feel some tooth or gum sensitivity after your first appointment, but this should subside quickly. No special care is required for veneers, but you should avoid chewing non-food items like pens and fingernails in order to keep them strong.

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