The Benefits Of Root Canals At Midtown Dental

Root canal therapy provides you with relief from the pain and discomfort of an infected tooth.

Your restored tooth will look natural and function just like a natural tooth.

Early intervention with root canal therapy saves you time and money, and prevents complications like tooth loss.

Our experienced dentists can restore your tooth with just a single 1-2 hour appointment at our office.

With numbing and sedation, you’ll get a completely pain-free experience at Midtown Dental Clinic.

Root Canals In Kennewick & Richland

If you have a sore tooth in Kennewick or Richland, you may be suffering from an infected tooth. Tooth infections are a serious dental health issue, and can result in tooth loss, fever, or even a life-threatening blood infection (sepsis) if left untreated. But with root canal therapy in Kennewick and Richland from Midtown Dental Clinic, you can quickly restore your smile with the help of one of our experienced dentists. Call now to get the help you need.

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What Is Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy, or a “root canal” for short, is a dental treatment that restores your tooth after it has become infected due to a serious cavity or dental trauma. When the outer layers of your tooth are destroyed by tooth decay or by dental trauma, this exposes the pulp inside your tooth to oral bacteria, resulting in an infection.
The pulp is full of nerves and blood vessels, and it’s what keeps your tooth alive. If it becomes infected, it will begin to decay and die. Eventually, this results in the loss of your tooth. Root canal therapy, however, can be used to restore the tooth.

In this treatment, your dentist will clean the tooth, remove the damaged tooth material, and create a small hole in the surface of the tooth. Then, all of the infected material will be removed, and the tooth will be filled and restored with a filling or crown to protect it from further damage. This eliminates the infection and restores your smile.

Recognizing The Signs of an infected tooth

The most easy-to-recognize sign of an infected tooth is a toothache that lasts 1-2 days or longer. Your tooth may also feel sensitive to heat and cold, or to the pressure of chewing. In some cases, you may also notice discoloration of the tooth, or discoloration and inflammation of the gum tissue near the tooth. If you recognize any of these signs, you should schedule a consultation at Midtown Dental Clinic right away. 

The Root Canal Process

To begin the process, one of our dentists will clean and numb the treatment area. Then, they will use a dental drill to remove the decayed enamel from your tooth, and create a small opening in the surface of the tooth.

Through this opening, they will use special dental tools to extract all of the decayed pulp from the interior of your tooth. Next, the tooth will be flushed with disinfectant to remove any remaining bacteria, and it will be filled with “gutta-percha,” a rubbery substance that replaces the pulp and strengthens the interior of the tooth.

Finally, your tooth will be sealed and restored with a filling or a
dental crown, depending on your case. If you get a crown, it will be a temporary crown that you’ll wear for a few weeks until you can have a permanent crown built and placed by your dentist at Midtown Dental Clinic.

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