Should I Replace My Missing Teeth?

Should I Replace My Missing Teeth?

Know The Benefits of Restoring Your Smile 

Wondering if you should replace your missing teeth in Kennewick or Richland? The answer is a clear “yes!” Replacing your teeth after tooth loss has a lot of great benefits. Let’s take a look at a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy if you restore your smile at Midtown Dental Clinic.

1. Keep Your Teeth From Shifting

The first benefit of replacing your teeth is that this will preserve your oral health by preventing your teeth from shifting. If you lose a tooth, the nearby teeth will naturally shift toward it to try to fill up the gap.

This can ruin the alignment of your teeth, leading to future oral health issues like a higher risk of infections or premature tooth wear. Replacing your tooth prevents this entirely, safeguarding your oral health. 

2. Avoid Bone Resorption From Tooth Loss

Another oral health issue caused by tooth loss is bone resorption. Once you lose a tooth, the bone below the tooth is no longer stimulated by eating and chewing. This causes it to weaken and shrink.

The only way to prevent this is with a dental implant. Implants attach directly to your jaw bone, stimulating it similarly to a natural tooth. This prevents bone loss, which can negatively affect your appearance and your oral health. 

3. Feel Better About How You Look

Losing teeth can make you feel really bad and self-conscious about your appearance due to the negative social stigma associated with missing teeth. You may avoid smiling or showing your teeth to others in both your personal and professional life.

But things don’t have to be this way. Replacing your teeth will also restore your self-confidence, allow you to smile proudly once again, and open new doors and find new opportunities in your life.

4. Prevent Speech Issues 

Tooth loss, especially of front teeth, can make it harder to say certain words and sounds. You may sound “slushy” or be more prone to slurring your words. Again, this may make you feel self-conscious in a wide variety of professional and social situations.

Restoring your smile lets you speak clearly once again, and avoid potential speech impediments caused by tooth loss.

5. Continue To Eat Your Favorite Foods

As you already know, your teeth are important for chewing and biting food properly, so losing teeth makes it harder to eat your favorite foods. Losing front teeth makes it harder to bite and tear chewy and firm foods like bagels or apples while losing rear teeth makes it harder to chew and grind up fibrous and tough foods like fresh vegetables and meat. 

This may require you to adjust your diet and how you eat. But if you choose to restore your teeth at Midtown Dental Clinics, you can continue to eat all of your favorite foods without any issues.

Contact Midtown Dental Clinic Today – Explore Your Options For Tooth Replacement 

If you’d like to replace your missing teeth in Southeast Washington, the team at Midtown Dental Clinic is here to help. Contact our Richland or Kennewick location now to schedule an appointment, and explore your options for tooth replacement, such as dentures, dental bridges, and dental implants.


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