Sedation Dentistry: How safe is it?

Sedation Dentistry: How safe is it?

People who need to undergo dental treatments for a long duration may require sedatives. It helps to reduce the stress and anxiety that the patient may have regarding the treatment. There are various types of sedation that dentists provide to the patients depending on their requirements. At Midtown Dental, experienced dentists attend to patients who require sedatives for their treatments. 

What is Sedation dentistry? 

It is a medication that is provided to the patients to relax them during dental procedures. The sedatives help to avoid the discomfort that the patient experience during the treatment. It is administered to adults and children depending on the type of treatment. There are various levels of sedation like minimal, moderate and deep sedation. 

The patient remains conscious but relaxed when they are on minimal sedation. Moderate sedation puts the patient into a state of relaxation where they would not remember the procedure. The patients on deep sedation tend to sleep but can be woken up at any moment. 

Types of Sedation

Nitrous Oxide: Also referred to as laughing gas, it is a sedative that is inhaled through a mask. It wears off immediately as the mask is detached from the nose. 

Minimal Oral Sedation: It is a single dose of medication provided to the patient prior to the procedure. The pill that is taken an hour before the procedure takes effect and rpovides minimal level of sedation. 

IV Sedation: It induces moderate or deep levels of sedation in patients. It helps them to remain relaxed during dental appointments. 

General Anesthesia: It is a type of sedative that puts the patient to sleep. The patient remains unconscious and unaware of the procedure that is being performed on them. 

How safe is Sedation?

Sedation is a tried and tested practice that is safe when administered by experienced dentists. Before the procedure, the dentists refer to the patient’s medical history to ensure ideal sedation candidates. The dentists explain all the details regarding the sedatives, including the dosage provided to them. After learning everything about the sedative, the patient has to sign a consent form, which permits the dentists to go forward with the procedure. 

Midtown Dental, located in Richland, WA, has expert dentists who provide sedatives to dentists depending on the treatment that they need to undergo. Dial (509) 946-1678 and book a consultation with the dentistry to know more about dental treatments.


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